I set my camera for the local time in Hawaii BUT I forgot to change it via the time zone.  My photo EXIF shows the correct hawaii time but EST time zone.

HoudahGeo and Aperture 3 will let me change the timezones (and offsets the time accordingly) but that doesn't help me.  I need a way to change JUST the timezone to reflect HST and not EST.

IS that possible?


PS: I have had great success with HoudahGeo in my local timezone and various testing I did.

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I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

Do you have a time zone setting on your camera?
I have yet to see a camera with such a feature.

To modify the time or time zone embedded in an image file, I would suggest you give exiftool a try. This requires the use of the command line, but should allow you to make the adjustments easily.

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Thanks, I will check out exiftool and see if that works for me.

Here is a pix from my camera setup screen.

I have a Canon SD970IS and I have to option to change the Timezone AND the date.
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