I was trying a trial version of v4.06. I quit 406 and reopened version 3.99 and it crashed on opening. So I used app cleaner to uninstall v4.06. 3.99 still crashed. So, I uninstall 3.99 and reinstalled. It now opens, but it won't accept my activation code. :This activation code has already been redeemed" What do I do?


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Activation codes are meant to be used only once. During the activation process HoudahSpot installs a license file and emails you a backup copy. This personalized license file is needed for subsequent installs.

Your app cleaner seems to have removed the license file. Thus HoudahSpot again runs in demo mode.

I have emailed you a copy of your license file. Double-click it to unlock HoudahSpot. Please keep the license file in a safe place.


Pierre Bernard
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