Just got a new Garmin Dakota 20 and HoudahGeo 2.3.5 does not like the usb connection. The Claim interfaced failed: usb_Claim_interface: couldn't claim interface. HoudahGeo is the only application running, I selected Garmin, usb, usb:

I can still geotag by downloading the gpx file but pulling it from the etrex hcx was really cool. It there a trick to make it work?


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Not all Garmin devices support the Garmin USB protocol. I could not find appropriate documentation on the Dakota 20. Thus I don't know if it does or does not support the protocol.

If the device mounts on your Desktop like a USB, it uses the USB Mass Storage protocol rather than Garmin's proprietary protocol. In that event, you should find track log files on that device. You may use those directly with HoudahGeo.

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Yep it mounts, Thanks
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