I have searched this forum for a solution a number of times over the years. And I have been waiting for a solution in an update/upgrade. So because no one else seems to be bothered by this, perhaps I just don't know how to do this and everyone else does.

In Spotlight and so many other programs on both the Mac and iOS, there is an "x" that appears in the search field after entering characters. It is used to delete all contents of the field with one click. How do I get that "x" to appear in HoudahSpot? A command line command? A modification to the Preference file?

Or is there some other trick for easily emptying the contents of one field? If there is no way to do this currently, will that feature be added soon?
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Thank you for the feedback.

There is currently no such feature.

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Hi usually hit ⌘-Backspace, but a dedicated x button would be nice.
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