As much as I appreciate my new search tool HS, as a novice I'm stuck at this point.

I didn't find out how to remove obsolete search locations from the menu as e.g. renamed volumes.

How does it work though?

Thanks for any help.
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The pop-up menus in the Locations pane are divided into sections:

1. Generic locations: User home, local volumes, and remote volumes
2. Your favorite locations
3. Recently used locations
4. Currently mounted volumes

You can customize what locations are listed under #2.
The list of recently used locations is maintained by HoudahSpot. The list of volumes updates as you mount or unmount volumes.

To edit the list of locations, select "Manage Locations…" from the menu. Add or remove locations from the menu.
Next, you need to save your changes to the default setup or to a template. In HoudahSpot 5, you can update your default setup by clicking the "Update Menu in Default Setup" button from the "Manage Locations…" window.

See the "Customize Your HoudahSpot Search Setup" blog post about customizing your default setup.

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