is there a way to hide the "What"-Part of the HoudahSpot-window?

I find it takes a lot of space, especially when I re-open a saved search. If this is not possible (yet) please make this a feature-request. I'd like a fast way to toggle between visibility and the ability to further modify the search one the one hand and the ability to just look at the results with – maybe – many more columns.


Rolf Schmolling
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Currently the left part of the HoudahSpot window - or any panes included therein - are not resizable.

This is something that is being considered for a future Version.

Beste Grüsse,
Pierre Bernard
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I think as well as being able to resize the panes vertically it would also be very useful to be able to collapse & expand them
(A small triangle to the left on the title bar which when clicked on would toggle expand or collapse the pane).
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