I am wondering where HoudahSpot's URL scheme is documented.  Through Google I see various references from a few years ago to the information being contained in the user manual in a section on Launchbar Integration (I'm trying to use it in Alfred), but the current manual doesn't have this information there.
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That bit of information indeed went missing with the recent rewrite of the documentation. It said:
HoudahSpot gives access to the BlitzSearch feature by implementing a custom URL scheme. You may set up a LaunchBar search template to call into this URL scheme. The search string should be:
An additional parameter, "templatename" makes it possible to specify the name of a template to use.
You may use other tools to call into this mechanism. The popular Safari plug-ins Saft and Glims come to mind.

BTW, as of HoudahSpot 3.8.1, the blitzSearch URL command lacks a few options recently added to the matching AppleScript command.

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