Hi there.. I'm doing a trial of Houdah Spot.  I've used EasyFind until now.

How do I specify where Houdah Spot searches?  I have several attached drives - and would like to add iCloud and Dropbox to the searches.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.
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HoudahSpot relies on the Spotlight engine and index for fast searches of file content and metadata. The Spotlight index covers user-relevant files. This means that HoudahSpot will serve most file search purposes, but unlike EasyFind it does not cover all files on your system. E.g. you can't expect it to find system files.

HoudahSpot searches cover files locally available on your hard disk. I.e. files from Dropbox need to be synced to your Mac.

You can list search locations in the Locations pane. Refer to the HoudahSpot User Guide to learn how to make your selection permanent.
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