double-clicking folder in results no longer opens in finder. Instead, it opens another query with the folder as Where criteria. Files still open fine. 

Version 2.5.6 (2367) using only Name search. FYI, just upgraded to 10.5.8.

8/8/09 11:29:25 AM HoudahSpot[1120] *** -[MetadataQueryController pathControlDoubleClickAction:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1755be60 

is the only console message when trying (actually shows twice in a row)
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This actually sounds like a system level problem. Your Mac seems to have decided to open folders using HoudahSpot rather than using the Finder. Please try adding a folder to the Dock and try opening it from there. Chances are it will open in HoudahSpot rather than the Finder.

You may resolve this problem by completely removing HoudahSpot (but not its Application Support folder) from your system. Once it is working again as expected, you may reinstall HoudahSpot without the problem returning.

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You are correct, thanks! After deleting HoudahSpot I had to do some cleaning up before reinstalling it. I don't know which aspect did the trick, but AppleJack cleaned up the confusion.
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