Dear all,

my problem is the following: when I enter keys, the whole sequence of entered letters is repeated, e.g.:

It looks like the whole string sofar is added instead of just a single letter.
"Delete" just gets down to one copy, e.g. "aadc" in the example above..

This is exactly limited to HoudahSpot in the last several versions.
All other apps work as expected.

I tried to deactivate possible culprits, namely TextExpander and the whole "support for assistive devices". But that didn't help.
Just to complicate matters, sometimes HS works just normally.

Of course, I've tried and haven't found anything on this issue by some google searches.
I really hope there's some help out there.

Actually I abandoned HS some months ago because I haven't been able to find any reason for that behavior.
I strongly hope there's some explanation for that.
Spotlight with some tweaks somehow works –I mainly use it for searching in GBs of pdfs– but it can be… uncomfortable.

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I have never heard of such a problem. Thus I can't offer you a solution from the top of my head.

Which version of HoudahSpot are you using?

Does this affect all text fields or only a particular one?

Pierre Bernard
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Hi, did you try another user?

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Well, yes. I tried it some minutes ago (i.e. after your hint). HS worked just fine in my admin account.

There may be some more apps that could cause that issue, including Microsoft keyboard driver etc.
I've tried to kill some culprits. Didn't work so far.

I had the issue with 2.2.x and now with 2.4.4., probably with 2.3.x in-between, too.

I am definitely sure it is restricted to HoudahSpot alone. Otherwise I would have got rid of that bug.
I'll let you know if I find the culprit.

Thanks for your support,

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