Can someone assist and tell me how I need to configure HoudahGeo to download logger data from my BadElf Pro GPS? I am not sure what I should be doing with the helper and protocols boxes to get the data into my MacBook Pro laptop.


(I added a line for BadElf, seems like the software should have that one automatically configured)

Thanks. Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.45.47 AM.png

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You should rarely have to edit presets. If your device is supported, it should work with one of the existing presets.

To find the appropriate preset, you need to look at the GPS chipset used in the device. The BadElf Pro uses a MTK brand chipset. Try the MTK preset. Unfortunately MTK uses different communication protocols for different chipsets. HoudahGeo / gpsbabel may or may not be able to talk to the MTK chip used in the BadElf Pro.

Depending on the USB chipset used by the device you may need a USB driver. The driver should be available from the device manufacturer or USB chip manufacturer.

The driver determines the name by which the device can be accessed. Some drivers use a single name. Some use a new name each time you connect the device. HoudahGeo lists likely names. It enables the OK button if there is a reasonable chance for a compatible device to be connected under the name you selected.

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