I downloaded the trial yesterday and overnight my hard drive filled up rapidly. I tracked the bloated folder down to an iLifeAssetManagement folder within Application Support which resided inside my user Library folder. Whilst using the HG software I tried the facility which allows you to drag images from the Aperture folder. I fear this may have caused the problem. I would like to retrieve the missing 30GB's asap!

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe the iLifeAssetManagement folder is created by the iCloud Photostream.

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Thanks for your quick response. I've been on to Apple Support and after a Google search (!) they seems to agree with your thoughts. Therefore I believe the issue is not with Houdah Geo so apologies!

Love the software by the way. Much more efficient than tagging within Aperture!

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Hi mlivey, any work around that you find regarding this? Would be helpful for future similar queries. 
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If you're talking about the issues with Photo Stream. I located the iLifeManagement folder within the root library and dumped all the files. That did the trick!

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