Is this possible? I archive my email from Apple Mail to EagleFiler. Can I search for items within EagleFiler. I have attempted to add it to my email template but failed.
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. Spotlight relies on importer plug-ins to extract metadata and text content from various file types. Such importers are installed with the system and with applications that create custom file types.

I don’t know if EagleFile supports Spotlight indexing: i.e. includes a Spotlight importer.

Try searching for an uncommon word that you know appears in the name or text of an EagleFiler file. If you can find the word within the text, you will know that EagleFiler has made text content available to Spotlight.

Once you found an EagleFiler file - by name or text - you can use the Info pane in HoudahSpot to see what metadata EagleFile has shared with Spotlight. See the “Inspect File Metadata with HoudahSpot” blog post for details.

All the metadata you see listed in the Info pane can also be used to find EagleFiler files. E.g if you see the message’s author listed as “Sender”, you can find other EagleFiler files by searching using a “Sender” condition.

You can also drag entries from the Info pane over to the Refine pane to find “similar” files. E.g. when the Info pane says “Sender: Some Name”, you can drag “Sender” over to the Refine pane to find other messages by “Some Name”.

All this however requires that EagleFiler has made this information available for Spotlight indexing.

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Thanks, this is excellent advice. I will follow this up.
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