Re: ACTPrinter (iphone)
Thank for the latest upgrade which fixed the crash when moving file from section to section.
But there is still a bug with the Edit feature, it is when I want to re-arrange the order of sections, let's say, in alphabetical order. I move a section to a new location either up or down, but then I find one or a couple of other sections change their location also, either up or down, 'freely'. So I move them back to where I expected. But now again another one or two move again. The only solution is I give up, just let it be.

Also moving the files or section up & down is a bit clumsy, sometime too long the way if I have already quite a no. of files keep in ACTPrinter.
But still the bug with the Edit feature should be fixed soonest.
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I further find that more sections could further corrupts / dis-order when I hit the done button in the Edit mode. 

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Thank you for reporting this issue. It will be fixed by the next update.

Pierre Bernard
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