I love HoudahSpot. Now, I am getting more sophisticated in saving templates as searches that I need often. I keep being tempted to run to an app like EagleFiler to manage my workflow. But, HoudahSpot seems to have all the tools that I  need - so long as I can get this set up juuuust right.

Which brings me to my question, why is it that, when I search on a specific email name, example, Gloria Salas, and I am specifying in HoudahSpot "Email Addresses" contains "Gloria Salas", then I get zero results in HoudahSpot. I know there are several such emails. I know that some of them contain important attachments that I have sent and I need to set up a templated search so that when I want to review what I have already sent, I can quickly discover it.

Then I go to the tried and true method in HoudahSpot and change "Email Address" to "Any Text" and, et voila, there are all the emails involving Gloria Salas. They are emails, but they are not seen when searching using "Email Address".

Why is this?

I need to set this up to track what I have sent to this person so eventually this would look like "all emails sent to Gloria Salas with attachments" and even, just showing the attachments sent using that criterion.

Any help out there is appreciated. 

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When you ask HoudahSpot to search for "Email Addresses" contains "Gloria Salas", it expects to find the exact text "Gloria Salas". I.e. with the space. This seems unlikely.  Check the Inspector in HoudahSpot to see what values are available for mail messages. "Authors" may be a good fit for your purpose.

You can also search for messages where "Email Addresses" contains "Gloria" and "Email Addresses" contains "Salas" by combining two "Email Addresses" criteria in an "ALL of the following is true" group.

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