Good morning!  I just purchased HoudahGeo and am very happy with the ability to geotag my photos with the track from my Garmin eTrex 20.  Very simple, smooth and quick. Much better than other programs I've used in the past - thank you!

However, I've run up against a couple problems on the output side.  I'll ask about one here and then start a separate topic for the other.

I followed the instructions in the video tutorial #2 re export to Google Earth and all was well until I tried the "right click on Images to send e-mail" step.  Yes, a .kmz file was created, but it was tiny; sure enough, when I opened the file on a second computer to which I had emailed it, there were coordinates, but no pictures. Clearly, this is a Google Earth usage issue, but the tutorial made it seem like I'd be able to send a .kmz slide show to others.  Are there some steps left out that would permit me to send the whole package to others?


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Which video tutorial are you referring to?

Did Google Earth show pins and balloons, but no images?
Or did it lack pins too?

Please check /Applications/Utilities/ for error messages during export.

The KMZ file should contain JPEG copies of your photos.
The KMZ file is actually a ZIP file containing a KML file and a folder with images.

Please try using the Finder to rename your file from .kmz to .zip
Then double-click it to uncompress it.
Are there any images in the resulting folder?

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