With the new 2.6 and removal of Google Maps, is there any way to still have some sort of satellite map available for tagging from within the application (not Google Earth)?  I very often have to toggle between street and satellite maps, and this became much harder in 2.6.

Since openstreetmaps only provides street maps, what about other options like Bing, would that be too expensive as well?

Thanks, Lucian
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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to have satellite imagery available within the application.

For the purpose of manual geotagging, integration with Google Earth allow for a convenient workflow.

I am trying to pick up negotiations with Google about the use of Google Maps. Both Google Maps and Bing Maps carry usage related fees: the more customers use the maps, the more we get charged. This does not work well with the fixed price licensing model we currently use. Unless Google cuts us a very good deal, we would need to move to subscription pricing.

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