Good evening,

I've run into an interesting display/editing situation with keywords in the Inspector panel on HoudahGeo 3.2.1 (4531) and HoudahGeo 3.2.2 (4622) on OS X 10.8.2, and I'm wondering if you can confirm/recreate it.

After exporting EXIF keywords, images without keywords have "empty" blue keyword rounded rectangles when re-opened in HoudahGeo. I can delete the empty keyword, but after re-exporting and re-opening, the empty keyword is still there.

For example:

From a few experiments, it seems that if "Keywords" is selected for exporting, then the Keywords EXIF tag is always written. (In Finder Info, it shows up empty; in HoudahGeo, it shows up with the empty keyword blue box.) If Keywords is not selected, then the EXIF tag is not created (and doesn't show up at all in Finder Info, and the empty blue box doesn't show up.)

Personally, I'd rather not have an empty Keywords EXIF tag for pictures without keywords, but I can clean that up myself.

However, if it's reproducible, I suspect the empty blue keyword box might be erroneous behavior, so I thought I'd point it out.

Thanks for your time, and for the great software!


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This is a bug. Thank you for reporting.

I will see to fix it with the next update.

Pierre Bernard
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