I have some Word files (docx) that have endnotes and it seems as though HoudahSpot does not search endnotes. I can find any text in these files save text in the endnotes.

Word 16.32 (Office 365) and OS 10.14.6
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. This relies on specialized importer plug-ins to read and extract content and metadata from various file formats. Such importers are typically installed with the system and with applications that introduce new file formats.

The developers of these importers are free to decide what information to share with Spotlight and how to label it.

The importer for Word docx files is installed as part of newer versions of macOS. I.e. it is provided by Apple. The importer does not make footnotes available for indexing. It probably also does not extract endnotes from the files.
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