Geocoding and reverse geocoding for imported iPhoto-images with 2.2.4 works fine for me. The only annoying thing: HoudahGeo writes the locations into the iPhoto list "My Places". If you geocode images via iPhoto, using an new location, you have the option, either to leave it or to enter the new location into this list. As a matter of fact, if I geocode ten images located in Tampa, FL, the list contains ten new loactions "Tampa, Fl". I am not happy with that, since this list may become owercrowded with more or less useless entries very soon. These entries into the list should be optional!

Update: I recognized that meanwhile a new entry, in the case of a new location, is unavoidable. In the first version of iPhoto 09 there was a "+"-button to add that new location to "My Places". Does that mean, I have to live with a more or less "overflowing" list?
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Thanks for the feedback.

The entry in the Places list is required for iPhoto to correctly display the photo's location name.

A future version of HoudahGeo will however try to group several photos under a single nearby location.

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