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I'd like to look for all JPG images in my home directory/folder, created this year (2019), and exclude containers such as Apple's Photos and Lightroom libraries. How do I go about excluding these?

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The easiest way to exclude locations is to drag folders from the path at the bottom of the HoudahSpot window to the bottom of the Locations pane.

Run a search for JPG images. The search will include images in locations you don't currently care about. E.g. your Lightroom library folder. With such an image selected in the list of results, you will see its path at the bottom edge of the HoudahSpot window. From that path, grab the Lightroom library folder and drag it up to the Locations pane. In the list of locations, drop your folder below an excluded location. This will exclude it from the search. Should there be no excluded location, you can drop the folder onto the line that has the "Exclude locations" button. 
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