Hi--been searching for ways to exclude all mail messages from a search. I can exclude them but I don't know how to concatenate searches, "find this string in all files except mail files".


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Hi Rob!

You can negate a criterion by nesting it in a "None of the following are true" group.

Create a "Content kind" is "Mail" criterion. Select it by clicking on the row – anywhere but on a button, pop-up menu or text field.
Click the Add None Group to selection button in the toolbar. The one with two empty circles.
Or select Query > Add Group >NONE Group from the menu bar.

You can also approach this the opposite way and create the group first and add criteria to it.
To create a group, hold the option key and click the "+" button to the far right of an existing criterion row.
Use the "+" button to add additional criteria to the group or drag and drop existing criteria into the group.

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