From what I understand, some of Eye-Fi's SD cards offering geotagging using a WPS service standalone. Primarily, the "Pro" version provides geotagging. Any other versions?

I would be interested to hear from other Eye-Fi owners or interested folks who have researched the cards about their utility with respect to geotagging.

Note: I understand this is not a HoudahGeo question, however, I think many questions in this forum are primarily around getting photos tagged properly.

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Last I checked, Eye-Fi was using WiFi to determine location. Basically, the device checks which hotspots are in range and then checks a database to figure out where those are located.

This will not work in remote locations. I.e. there won't be a WiFi hotspot within range on your safari.

Caveats: I am probably biased. And I never actually used an Eye-Fi.

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

As I recall, the first iPhone utilized WPS, and not GPS for location. I assume EyeFi cards do the same.

I did read something about EyeFi cards being able to get location from an Android device (not iOS devices) or a desktop(?). I need to find more information on this.

Quite honestly, I already have a Bad Elf GPS Pro. That is better to use, but there are times where I would like to fallback on an EyeFi card. Note, I also have an iPhone (without data service; I am using an Overdrive Pro hotspot with FreedomPop as my carrier for data). Ironically, the Overdrive Pro does the have an onboard GPS, as I understand.



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