I tried HoudahGeo and HoudahGPS as suggested in a similar string.

The error I get in either case i similar.  A Dialog that says:

Failed to Import GPS Data
whatever:Unknown direction 'OutputFromUnit'

This is connected via a USB cable, running OS 10.11.6

It obviously knows the GPS is connected because it wants to import some pictures that are on a memory card in the GPS.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I believe the Garmin eTrex 30 mounts as a USB drive in Finder. You shouldn’t need any special software to access the track logs. These should appear as files in Finder.

You can point HoudahGeo to the track log files by using the “Import Track Logs from Files…” menu item. Point HoudahGeo to the files on the Garmin drive.


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You are correct.    I am currently importing all the logs from 3 weeks into the application.   Thank you.

I didn't realize it did that since there are multiple disk partitions that get mounted.

EDIT UPDATE:   I believe I'm on my way to understanding how this program operates.   It's not clear right now what reverse geotagging does (so far nothing on images).

I had a GPS on the camera as well as the Garmin GPS, and I'm trying to use the GPS track to backfill the images that didn't have GPS EXIF data.   

Is there any way to compare the Garmin track data with what the camera GPS data showed for each individual photo?
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