I've got a large library of photos in Aperture -- and most were geotagged using built-in facilities (either Aperture's geotagging, or with plugins before that was available).

The source of my problem is that Aperture's geotagging doesn't actually modify the image file, but instead keeps the location data in some sort of "side car" file.  This is no problem in Aperture, but Lightroom and CaptureOne don't recognize the side cars (I've done "trial run" imports with them).  So when I move away from Aperture, I can import my photos, but will lose their location data.

Is there any way to augment HoudahGeo (or maybe make a new utility) that will scan through files in my Aperture library, read in location data from their side car files (when they exist), insert the location data into the image files (as HoudahGeo currently does for new geotags), and notify Aperture of the changes?
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Aperture stores location information in its catalog database.

HoudahGeo has a media browser where you can access photos from your Aperture library. When you drag photos from that media browser into your HoudahGeo project, HoudahGeo will get the location information. You can then export this to EXIF/XMP. I.e. embed the location information as GPS tags within the image files.

Read this blog post for more details.


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