In the construction of filenames I use long, descriptive file names. Because of this, I use the list view. And, I like to see several columns of information along with the filename. Because your search parameter box is on the left, it limits the amount of space for filenames and other columns in the results list on the right.

Can you add a feature that hides the search parameter box, collapses the box, or disengages it from the results list?

This along with the missing feature of viewing the file label color are the main reasons that, even though I have purchased your software, I do not use it.

You have several other features that are great and that entice me to use it, but these two problems overcome the other good features.

Thanks for your consideration.

By the way, to put the two problems into a priority, I would say that hiding / collapsing / disengaging the search parameter box is the more important of the two feature requests I have made.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I have been considering making the search pane resizable. Many users actually ask for the possibility to make it wider. Initial attempts showed very ugly resizing behavior. Thus I have put off further attempts for now. Should get back to it though.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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If you disengage the search parameter window from the results window, then both could be sized (or hidden) anyway the user wanted.

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