I'm trying to geotag thousands of photos that I've moved from Aperture to Lightroom.  I'm not sure why the export didn't include GPS data, but none of the photos have preserved the GPS data now that they're in Lightroom.  I've modified hundreds of photos within lightroom, so the task is much harder now as I'd have to export sidecar info in LR, then import to HGeo, then reload metadata into LR.  There's no easy way to do this that I can find since I've been restructuring names, and filtering out some photos now in LR.

What I really need is HoudeGeo to allow me to open two windows at once.  One for my older Aperture folders and one for my lightroom photos.  Then, ideally, I can manually see the matching photos and do a copy/paste of the GPS data from one window to the other.  Best would be a drag/drop action to copy the data from one photo to another, but would also be OK to have a context menu on the photo where i could right-click source photo, choose "copy location data", then right-click destination photo and just do a "paste location data".  

I can't be the only one who wants an easy way to do this type of thing.  Any chance for dual window support or some sort of drag/drop interface to move GPS data from one photo to another?

Thanks for a great program... it's quite impressive.  just missing a couple of things to make it really functional for me.

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You can open two windows and add photos from Lightroom in one and photos from Aperture in the other. You can copy/paste coordinates using command-shift-C and command-shift-V.

It may be easier to add images from both Aperture and Lightroom to the same project. Sort by name or timestamp so that matching photos are next to each other. You could also try using “Geocode from reference photos” with very tight parameters so that HoudahGeo copies from the Aperture photo to the Lightroom one.

You could “flag” the Aperture photos before adding the ones from Lightroom. E.g. set their city name to Aperture. Once you are done geocoding, sort by city and remove the photos having a city name of Aperture from the project.


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Thank you for the fast (sunday!!?) response.  Works as you describe, sorry i didn't figure that out myself.  Purchased it tonight and so glad i did.  Making fast work of my tagging project.
Thanks for the great software!
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