I use this application everyday.  Two things would make it even more awesome.

1.  A way to use a global keyboard shortcut to switch to type2phone and give keyboard focus to the application

2.  If the device is unconnected, pressing any key could try to reconnect.

With these two I could type something like command-home and the application would start accepting input, then I could start typing and the text would start being sent to my device even if it was until then disconnected.

Lastly one thing that annoy's me: if I walk to the room next door but forget to disconnect is there anyway disconnect the bt keyboard without going back to my desk (OR disabling bluetooth on the ipad and reenabling it)?  This is not specifici to type2phone but applies to all bluetooth keyboards I guess.
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1. You may use third party tools like Apptivate or FastScripts to assign a hot key to launch Type2Phone.

2. That is an interesting thought.

2bis. You may use System Preferences > Keyboard to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Reconnect menu item.

3. Sorry, that's a limitation of iOS. It applies to all keyboards.

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