Really liking Tembo and finding it incredibly useful for searching through email messages, so much better than the Mail search facility.

I often use the quicklook option to quickly run down the results of a search. Could the quicklook view be incorporated into a sidebar pane visible all the time rather than a popup window? 

This would have a couple of advantages: it would save having to move the window to see the results list (which it invariably covers) and once I've found the required result, a double click to open up the original message from the list would be easier than having to move or close the quicklook window first.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I believe the best way to work with the current Quicklook window is by using keyboard shortcuts:

- space to open Quicklook
- up and down arrows to navigate the results list
- return to open the current file
- or space to close Quicklook

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