I have a need that I don't see how to handle with HoudahSpot: 

I did a search for files of a certain type that are scattered all over my hard drive. HS displays the list nicely. 

Now I would like to export this list in a format that could be processed by an AppleScript (or perhaps some other program). 

The idea that comes to mind is: what if HS could create a new folder containing aliases to all the found files? 

Other ideas welcome. 

Unrelated comment: in creating search criteria, an "is not" predicate would simplify things. For example, I wanted to find all files whose names end with ".cwk" that are NOT aliases. Right now I have an "ALL conditions" group that says: 
Name ends with .cwk
NONE of the following is true:
     Content kind is Alias

It would be simpler to just write (in an "ALL" group):
Name ends with .cwk
Content kind IS NOT Alias

Second unrelated comment: I don't see a "file extension" option in the search criteria. You can get this property in AppleScript, which IIRC calls it "name extension". Possible to add to HS? 

Thanks for a great program! Apologies if I have missed something obvious. 
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There is AppleScript access to HoudahSpot search results. You could process results from there.

You may also copy-paste the result list to a text editor or spreadsheet application.

I agree that in your example an "is not" operator would simplify things. In the general case however it is not practical to duplicate all operators with their negation. E.g. "does not contain fuzzy", "does not contain words", …

To HoudahSpot the file name extension is part of the name. You may search for "name ends with .doc".

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