I've always found the HoudahGeo "Camera Setup", aka time shift, hard to work with.  It would be much more straightforward if I could select one reference image and tell HoudahGeo what time that image is supposed to have, then have HoudahGeo figure out the offset and adjust all the photos based on that.  This is similar to how Aperture does its date/time adjustment.

I usually take a photo of my watch at some point on a trip so that I know what the correct time is.  With the current workflow, I need to do some math to figure out the offset.  It gets more complicated due to the camera time zone and the viewer time zone settings, especially if they differ.


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Thank you for the feedback. I have heard this before. Though not often.

I think HoudahGeo's camera setup options are superior in several ways:
- precise up to the second
- less work for the user

Indeed, you just need to know what time zone you set your camera to. For most users this will be their home time zone. This is much more precise than guessing a location where you took a photo.

HoudahGeo defaults to the last used time zone. Thus you merely need to click OK unless you changed your camera time zone.

For up to the second precision, you may want to double-check the clock error. While doing so, HoudahGeo displays the time that should currently be showing on your camera. You can easily compare that to the actual display.

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