In Finder I add a bullet to the beginning of a filename or folder if I want it to appear at the top, above other items. For example:

• Important Items
Items 01
Items 02

I tried to do this to make some Templates in HoudahSpot appear above others, but it didn't work. I noticed adding a number 1 before the filename works as expected and placed the template higher in the list.

Any chance of making bullets (and other symbols) at the beginning of filenames placed higher in the Templates list? :)
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Thank you for the feedback.

I agree that templates should be sorted the same way in the sidebar and menus as they are in the Finder.


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Great, thanks.

I guess it would be more elegant to be able to drag and drop to reorder the items in the sidebar (adding the bullet prefix is my workaround for files and folders in Finder).
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