Hello Pierre,

First let me explain what I'm trying to do and see what can be done.

I like to make "panoramas" with my camera. HoudahGeo do a perfect job tagging the different pictures of the panorama, that's not the issue.

HoudahGeo also allow me to geotag perfectly the panorama, using "Copy/Paste" from one of the pictures already geotagged.

My problem is with the timestamp. Unfortunately, when I create a panorama, the software put like - today's date - as the creation date, not the date the picture was taken. I try to find some easy, and user accessible (don't mention exiftool without a GUI for Mac), ways to change this information without success.

So, I was wondering since HoudaGeo can change EXIF tags for geotagging, will it be technically possible to add an option (like a check box) or a feature to also be able to change timestamps in the picture?

That said "Bravo" for your software, I really like it!

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Hi Jérôme,

You may edit timestamps right in the table view in HoudahGeo's project window.

Pierre Bernard
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Merci Pierre!

I totally missed this one... I don't understand, though, since I tried several times before and was never able to accomplish it, until you mentioned it the other day.

I should have know it was possible!

Thanks again anyway...
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