Let the user enter a search term, then allow multiple criteria to searched with that search term without having to enter the search term over again.

The interface might look much like "All" "Any" "None" structure, but another entry might be "Search on this term" with a search a search term field to the side. Then, any criteria under "Search on this term" would automatically populate with the search term field from above.
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Thank you for the feedback.

I have heard similar requests from other customers in the past. So far I have no good solution that would fit all needs and not overcomplicate the interface.

HoudahSpot should soon gain a feature where it can duplicate search criteria. For example,

- Fill in a “Name” criterion by typing “Houdah”
- Press command-option-shift-return to get a second name criterion with a value of “Houdah”
- Now you can change that criterion match “Text Content” and still have the value of “Houdah”. I.e. you need to type it only once
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