Some ideas for the next version of HS:

My first two are about catching up with changes to Finder and so keeping HS relevant.

1. I would like to have Finder's "Quick Actions" in the right click menu for items.

2. Being able to use Finder extensions in the right click menu.  For example, Service Station is showing a neat use of Finder extensions which would be handy in HS.  Context Menu (which I have not used yet) is another example.

3. I expect the right click -> Services choice to be same as in Finder.  There are some differences which I don't understand.

4. While mentioning Service Station, the developer has found an easier way to drill down on content types without having the user know about UTIs.  HS's Content Type is UTI is great for those who understand the roles of UTIs, but Kind -> Document and then subtypes is more friendly though maybe not so precise.
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Thank you for the feedback.

1. I have long ago logged a feature request with Apple to make "Quick Action" available for use by third-party applications.

2. That, though desirable, is less likely to be possible. These Finder extensions expect / may rely on being used only in the Finder itself.

3. The Services menu is populated automatically by macOS depending on the current selection. Unfortunately, there is no documented way to get a list of services. This would allow HoudahSpot to take control over which services are shown and promote user-selected services to the top level of the context menu. Such a feature request has been logged long ago with Apple.

That said, the list of Services should be the same in Finder and in HoudahSpot. Send me examples of services that appear in Finder, but are missing in HoudahSpot. These may be looking for information on the current selection that Finder provides but HoudahSpot does not.

4. Interesting idea. Feature request noted. BTW, HoudahSpot already has "File Extension", "Content Type", "Content Type Tree", "Kind", "Content Kind". In HoudahSpot you can use "Find by Example" from current search results to incrementally / iteratively refine your query. You can, for example, start by searching for "Content Kind is Image" and then see JPEG, GIF, and PNG results. Drag the type you prefer over to a "File Extension" or "Content Type" criterion to see only those files.
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Appreciate your comments

1. I should have known you would have been on to that one long ago. It is now up to Apple.

2. Agree it is unlikely for the reason you give.  One way forward would be to work with other developers to incorporate their code (or a bridge to it) in HS.  I can understand you might not want to go down that path for lots of reasons.

3. The missing services (for me) are all in the "Files and Folders" group.  And the missing one are all labelled as Workflows (e.g. Gladys, Uninstall with iTrash, and a couple of mine), though some Workflows (e.g. Yoink) are present in both HS and Finder.  I will look a bit harder at the differences and let you know what I find - if anything. The workaround for the ones matter most to me is to use a Keyboard Maestro shortcut.

4. I had forgotten about the dragging the wanted type over.  Just shows that there is more than one way of refining searches.
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3. The reason some Services are 'missing' in HS is because they are workflows which accept Files in Finder.  So easy to fix that!
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