I perform a search on /Library, but no files from /Library/Logs matching the criteria show up. If I then directly select /Library/Logs as my location then files in that directory are found. What gives?

Is HoudahSpot strictly using Spotlight's index to find files? Can it not perform a scan search?

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HoudahSpot uses the Spotlight engine. This means that it will, for the most part, only find files that are indexed by Spotlight. This includes “user relevant” files - including much of the ~/Library folder - but excludes system files, many configuration files and logs.

There are a few cases where HoudahSpot can turn up files that are excluded from indexing. E.g. you search by name only and point HoudahSpot to the directory containing the file. More complex searches will not work without the Spotlight index. Also searches into nested folders require the Spotlight index.


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I am a HoudahSpot paying user.
I've had this kind of trouble too.

Try the free APP EasyFind (Apple Store)


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