Is there way to find all pdf files with same name as a ms word file
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There is no direct way to do this. I.e. you cannot formulate a search that says "find all PDFs of which a Word file with the same name exists".

Still, there are ways to get the task done. You can, for example, search for Word and PDF files (e.g. searching for a file extension that is either pdf or docx) in the locations where you expect to find such "duplicates". Next, you sort the results by file name. The "duplicate" will be the line above or below its sibling. You can use Quick Look preview to verify that you have actual matches.

You can then select the files you no longer need and move these to the Trash. This will cause search results to change. It is thus either to first mark the files you plan to trash and later trash the marked files in on go. E.g. give these file a "Red" tag.
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