I use Notability (a note app) often. Is there a way to include notes/files from Notability in search reasults>
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. This relies on importer plug-ins to extract content and metadata from proprietary file formats. Such importers are usually included with the application that owns the file format.

For HoudahSpot to be able to search your Notability notes, the Notability application needs to create one file per note - as opposed to a large file with all your notes - and provide a Spotlight importer to process these files.

I don't know if the Notability application provides a Spotlight importer. If it does not, you may want to suggest this to the developers of Notability.

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A workaround is to do this:

I tell Notability to Auto-Backup to one of its supported cloud providers (dropbox, google drive, one drive or box) using PDF or RTF as format.  I use Dropbox and PDF.  That stores a PDF of every note in my Dropbox folder.  I then make sure that the Dropbox folder is included in Spotlight and in HS's search scope (which by default it is).  HS can find the PDF version of each Notability note.

Many note taking apps use their own format and a similar trick can be done with most of them though it usually requires a manual export stage.

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