Is there a way to find files that have a string in the name but not as part of the "extension". For example I was looking for files with the string "peg" but don't want to see files that end in ".jpeg". Any suggestions?

If there were a criteria of "does not contain" I could do it. In other words:

Name "contains" peg
Name "does not contain" jpeg

seems like this would give me what I wanted. So if you are looking for suggestion add a "does not contain" to the list of criterias (that are now "contains", "is", "begins with", "ends with"

Or if there were a way to have multiple sections, i.e. have both a "All of the following are true" as well as a "None of the following are true"



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Oops - guess you can - just have to do it as a nested type of search, e.g.

   All of the following are true:
      Name contains peg
      None of the following are true
         Name contains jpeg

This worked for what I wanted. Still think that a "does not contain" would be helpful for certain kinds of searches.

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You can get similar results by searching for:

Name "contains" peg*.*

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