I'm a long-time occasional HoudahSpot user - don't need it very often, but when I do, it's the only tool for the job.

I have a very particular need at the moment. I'm in the process of cleaning up my extensive photography library, moving photos of no emotional or technical merit to an archive. Since I've used Adobe Lightroom for many, many years, my RAW photos have XMP sidecar files that store certain processing parameters. In cleaning up my library, I've been exporting the unwanted photos to a new location, but discovered that Lightroom doesn't bring the XMP files along when it moves the photo. So now I have a number of "orphan" XMP files that are confusing another product that expects to find a photo for every XMP.

What I need is a way to search for files with the XMP extension that don't have a matching RAW photo (usually CR2, but also ORF and RW2 extensions) in the same folder. Is there a way to get HoudahSpot to do this? 
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There is no way to do searches that compare one file to another.

In your example, I’d assume that sorting the folder by name should make it relatively easy to see where XMP files have to counterpart on the line above or below.

Similarly you could run a HoudahSpot search for files with an XMP extension. Show the path column. Save the results as CSV.
Repeat with a search for image files. Load both CSV files into a spreadsheet and sort by path. Check for rows where the same name does not appear on two consecutive rows. 


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Pierre - thanks for the help! I feared that it might not be possible.

The difficulty is that the files are nested in folders by year/month/day, so I'm not sure that the work to automate the process (as much as possible) will be worth the time savings vs. just going through the folders manually.

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