First of all, I love HoudahGEO and use it all the time with my AMOD GPS device files. I recently purchased a GPS adapter to tag in camera images for one of my cameras (Nikon D300) and now that I am paying closer attention, I've noticed some unusual behavior with TIFF files in Aperture. This isn't specifically a HoudahGEO issue, but it is doing something differently than Aperture and I am trying to understand what.

I shoot RAW (Nikon .NEF) and import those files into Apple Aperture. Whether I tag them before hand with HoudahGEO or I have my new GPS device add the location data in camera, the tag information is correct. In Aperture, I can edit my images non-destructively using the Aperture built in tools and everything is fine.

However, whenever I round-trip through an external editor (Pshop CS4) or use certain plugins, Aperture (correctly, since it can't necessarily record the 3rd party edits and so it works on a copy) creates a TIFF file for that external process. When I return from that process, the TIFF is no longer tagged (Aperture at least shows those EXIF fields empty).

I can accept that perhaps the tags are stripped when the TIFF is created or when the external editor saves back the new TIFF it has generated, except that when I drill down into the Aperture Library and load the actual TIFF file into HoudahGEO, it shows location data that apparently Aperture couldn't see. It is indeed intact...sort of.

If I compare the location data that HoudahGEO displays from the original RAW (.NEF) file with the tag from the TIFF which is a copy of that RAW file, they are slightly different (orig lon=34deg 0min 12.868sec - copy (TIFF) lon=34deg 0min 12.607sec, similar discrepency for lat).

Also, if I tell HoudahGEO to write the data to EXIF and then tell Aperture to Update EXIF from Master for the TIFF file, it will then contain the location that HoudahGEO displayed. Updating EXIF from Master for the TIFF before being processed by HoudahGEO has no effect.

Sorry for the long message, but I wanted to set up the scenario and see if anyone here might have some insight.

1. What would cause Aperture to not display location data from the edited TIFF while HoudahGEO does?

2. What would cause the slight discrepancy between the location before the TIFF is generated and after it is generated.

BTW, I am NOT writing to XMP sidecar when I let HoudahGEO rewrite the EXIF data (that check box remains unchecked).

As I said, HoudahGEO is the solution to my problem here, not the issue, but I'm hoping some of the experience in these forums might enlighten me. It's driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance, even for your speculation. Awesome product!

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Sorry I cannot be of much help here. This sounds like a series of bugs in Aperture and in your third party editor.

My guess is that the discrepancy is caused by one piece of software getting decimal degrees and degrees/minutes/seconds mixed up.

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Aperture 2.x loses geodata when exporting versions, unless the photo was geotagged prior to import to Aperture.  If you geotag photos then update EXIF data through Aperture, all will look well in Aperture, but Aperture will still strip geodata upon export.
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