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I have multiple images which have been camera GPS information embedded. I need to re-position them to reflect the structure I am photographing (as opposed to camera position), and them re-embed with the corrected coordinates.  I know I can do this in HoudahGeo, order to reposition my photos, I have to use a KML file in Google Earth, so I know where my structure is located.  So, I have several questions:  a) is there anyway to upload a KML to HoudahGeo so I can compare and reposition there?  If not, then b) can I upload a spreadsheet or GPX of the coordinates to Houdah, and view at the same time as my photos to compare?....or c) can I reposition in Google Earth, and then use the "Geocode Using Google Earth" option?   

I am actually a bit confused what "Geocode Using Google Earth" means, and I am afraid to try it, as I don't want to mess up my original images.  Cannot seem to find a manual or anything on this forum explaining what that really means, so I am grateful for any clarification - thanks!
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The "Geocode using Google Earth" feature should work fine for your purposes.
It is documented in the bundled Help file.

It basically works the same as geocoding using the map in HoudahGeo.

HoudahGeo will launch Google Earth, add a cross-hair to the center of the Google Earth view and show a window with the geocoding controls.

You can use this window to:
- navigate your images
- set the Google Earth window to the coordinates of the currently selected image
- add the coordinates of the cross-hairs to the currently selected images

Geocode using Google Earth only modifies your HoudahGeo project. I.e. the coordinates HoudahGeo has stored for your images. Your images are not touched until you decide to export to EXIF/XMP. So feel safe to give Geocode using Google Earth a try.

BTW, last time I checked, there was a bug in Google Earth where it would get coordinates wrong if the "tilt while zooming" option was enabled. Please go to Google Earth > Preferences > Navigation and disable tilting.

Pierre Bernard
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THANK YOU,  Pierre!
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A lot of users are also confused on this. Perhaps this information could be added on a guide or manual?
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