Hi yesterday i tooe my Iphone 3G with the two lite version of the software XMotion and trail to see the best one for me to geocode my picture of my camera.

My problem is with both softwares my .gpx doesn't work with HoudahGeo. I adjusted the Camera Setup, but i think i have a little clue of my problem. I'm french Canadian and my computer uses the french system. As you see in image the HoudahGeo use , to separate number and my picture time use AM-PM America Montreal and If you lock both  gpx log have . and times looks likes 15h00 / GTM.

To summarize, my Timestamp  uses 10-09-18 07:46:00 and in my Track inspector the Time Begins at  10-09-18 19:46

Could someone help me to solve my problem? I wish to have my current time on the picture.

 Many thank

Here image 

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I believe your camera clock is running 12 hours slow.

Your picture is showing 3:46 AM whereas your track log starts at 3 PM.

You may use "clock error" in "camera setup" to fix this error.

Pierre Bernard
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