I recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, and my previous geocoding workflow using HoudahGeo no longer works (using HG 2.5.6-3008).
Here is my previous workflow:

1. Save LR metadata to file (written to XMP).
2. Import image files into HG.
3. Geocode using HG.
4. Write geocoding to XMP (selected/geocoded only, always write XMP, coordinates only).
5. Save LR metadata to file (written to XMP).
6. Read metadata from XMP in LR.

This procedure usually worked fine, presumably reliant on LR not overwriting the GPS data in the XMP file when metadata is saved to file (step 5). Looking at the XMP output, it seems LR3 either completely overwrites the XMP file ignoring extra data, or less likely selectively ignores added GPS data.

Has anyone managed to geocode successfully for LR3, or does anyone have any suggestions? I have 700+ recently taken images I need to geocode, and am currently a little stuck.


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Please try skipping step 5.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks Pierre, this seems to have solved it. Curiously the XMP data seems to have been changed around more than I expected, but more of a reordering/shuffling than data changes as far as I can tell. I preferred my previous method which included step 5, as it gave some assurance that the original metadata would be kept as intended, but my guess is that Adobe decided on a change to overwrite without merging.

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