I just bought HoudahGeo and used it to geotag some of my photos taken by a compact camera which does not have GPS.  I found a strange situation: after geotagging, I can view location in both Photos in Mac and Photos in iPad.  However, I cannot view location in Photos in iPhone.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone are using the latest OS.  For the HoudahGeo, I used default setting.  Any idea on why it happens?

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I can’t give a definitive answer on how Photos sync works. I read that Faces/People information is not synched back to the phone. The same may be true for location information.

Do check HoudahGeo > Preferences > Advanced to make sure that “Preserve image file modification dates” is disabled. With the option enabled, HoudahGeo keeps file modification dates unchanged. This may cause sync or backup tools to ignore changes made to the files.


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Thanks, Pierre!

I found that problem was gone after I upgraded to the latest OS which was released recently.

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