I am thinking of getting the Columbus V900 or the Amod AGL3080 GPS Data Logger

The columbus saves its files in a very rare format that I can convert to KML. Using GPSbabel I can then convert it to any other form. What form do I need to convert it to in order to be able to geo tag my photos?

Also, anyone use the Amod and does it work well with Houdah Geo and geo-tagging?

Urgent reply needed

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HoudahGeo supports both GPX and NMEA files.

You may use HoudahGPS to convert between GPX, NMEA and KML.

KML however often lacks information needed for geotagging. E.g. Conversion from GPX to KML using HoudahGPS/GPSBabel is not lossless. Converting back to GPX will lead to a track log lacking timestamps.

The Amod is discussed elsewhere on the forum. It can be used with no additional driver or file conversion tool.

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