Hi everybody,

I used HoudahGeo for a long while with iPhoto and had never problems. I'm now trying Lightroom 3, because the new iPhoto doesn't convince me at all.

The Problem in short: every photo geotagged by HoudahGeo shows up in Lightroom with a pink shade. The original photos don't show this behavior. Auto color correction or manual temperature correction in Lightroom doesn't help. Other HoudahGeo Export settings (only xmp, etc.) don't work.

I use a Sony Alpha500, HoudahGeo 2.6.6 and Lightroom 3.2.
Workflow: Add RAW Images from Files, geocode, Write EXIF (div. settings), import into Lightroom.

Thanks for the help.

PS: Adding images from the Lightroom Library doesn't work either, but I don't care about that. (Loading Library (10 photos) takes forever)
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There are two possible explanations for this issue:

- HoudahGeo might be corrupting the image files causing the pink shade. I however have not had any reports of this. Please try opening the files using Apple's Preview application to see if they are damaged or not.

- Lightroom may be tripping over the metadata an fail to correctly read the file. Should Apple's Preview be able to read the file, I would suspect a Lightroom bug.

Pierre Bernard
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Thank you for the answer. Photos are totally normal in Preview and iPhoto. You're right, so it must be a bug in Adobes RAW-interpreter.
I will post the results here.
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