I have struggled for a while quite a lot to get HoudahGeo to tag photos properly. My situation is this:

I was in Cambodia and had set my camera to local time zone. I understand that the GPS device gets GMT from the satellites or something. And mine does not have any possibility to configure any timezones anyway. I use the Wintec one so that I transfer the tracks to myTracks application first (because it has much nicer library for tracks than HoudahGeo has - positive comment on what to improve ). From myTracks I export GPX file which I load to HoudahGeo with the pictures.

Now what I struggle with is to get the time stamps to match. How on earth am I supposed to do this? I have tried Camera setup several times without any help and that tends to change track and photo times at the same time so no help there.

I use version 2.3.6.

Ville Kemppinen

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Please try bypassing myTracks.

If I remember correctly, past (and maybe current) versions of myTrack corrupted GPX files.

Pierre Bernard
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