I have found your program today and hope it is the right one. I would like to say good bye to Aperture and like to export all my pictures out of Aperture. To all pictures I have added GPS coordinates with the Aperture internal function. My problem is if I export them as original I lose all my GPS data. If I export them as a working copy the files are very big.

So I search for a possibility to integrate the GPS coordinates into the original pictures directly. After that I like to export the original pictures with including GPS details.

Can HoudahGeo do this maybe?
Thanks for helping hand!
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Yes, HoudahGeo can do this. See here for the procedure:


Pierre Bernard
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Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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Houdahgeo did this for over 40,000 reference images in my former Aperture Library AND also keywords to IPTC
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I did it also for over 30.000 pictures and a database bigger than 200 GB and HoudahGeo did it perfect. I was wondering about the great workload of the main memory. I feared that HoudahGeo can't do it with so many pictures because of maybe a very big swap from the main memory. But I was very surprised because HoudahGeo needs under 700 MB. Perfect - I am very happy!
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