First of all thanks for a great product

I just have one small question. When i add some photos and one (or more) GPS log-files and hit "Export to Google Earth" the only part of the track (from the log-files) that shows up is from where the first picture was taken to where the last picture was taken.

Is there any way of getting the entire rout/track to show up i Google Earth ?

(I use the Amod 3080)
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Sorry for the delayed reply.

HoudahGeo only included the path between the photos. The reasoning being that HoudahGeo is about photos. You may however specify prefix/suffix minutes. You may thus extend the track beyond the first and last photo.

If you just like to see your track in Google Earth, you might want to try the freeware HoudahGPS to convert your track to KML.

Pierre Bernard
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